Course Map

Some roads leading up to the Event Centre are closed until Sunday March 10.

Access before race day is via Nyes Creek Rd.
Access before Sunday 10    (marked dark green on map)


Willo Enduro Map 2019

Strava Segment   (Does not include “Start Loop” which adds 1.2KM)

The Willo course  follows some of the “Red Trail” at Wingello. (without Padres Blessing or Nyes Creek). Categories for the Willo use the 22km loop and this is followed once, twice or three times, depending on categorychosen. (22, 44 or 66KM category). Riders pass through the Event Centre and by the “Feed Zone” at the end of each 22KM lap.

There is approximately 50% single track and 50% fire road.

The 13KM loop commences with the start loop but includes Banksia Drive. Riders then move onto through the Event Centre and onto the Great Wall Single Track. At the end of the single track, riders ride west along the fire road. Through the Event Centre and repeat the first lap one more time. 

All Start laps are completed in an anti-clockwise direction. (different to previous years). Once onto single track, the direction is clockwise as always.


13KM course


All categories start at the Event Centre.

All other categories, (22, 44 & 66KM) start just beyond the marshal area. Riders do one short lap on fire road, ride back through Event Centre then proceed onto the single track to complete one two or three 22KM laps.

All riders finish through at the Event Centre.


Description of Track

The “red trail” at Wingello is graded as “intermediate”. Most of the tracks are able to be ridden by all levels of rider.