Sparrow Hill (2020 alternative venue info):

Unfortunately we are not allowed to camp at this venue however there are plenty of accommodation options around.


Wingello (originally planned venue info):

There is plenty of flat grassy areas for camping beyond the Event Centre. Water and toilets will be available.

  • Departing: No cars will be allowed to travel westwards along Gulp Rd during the event (till 4pm Sunday March 10th). However exit before 4pm is available by following Gulp Rd east for a short while then follow the signs to exit.
  • Camping is also available at the Forest Camp. One permanent toilet is only available at the Forest Camp. There is no water there.
  • Please respect fellow campers and with no noise after 10pm on Saturday evening.
  • Breakfast and coffee will be available at the Event Centre from 6.30am Sunday 10th March..
  • Receptacles for rubbish will be available for your convenience. Please use these, and do not leave any rubbish behind.