Start Times


Riders will start in four separate groups according to the distance they have chosen. Within these start groups, riders will not be broken up into age groups,  but will be required to self seed themselves within the following groups:

  1.  The pointy end – fast & hoping to podium

2.  Middle

3.  Weekend warrior – relaxed pace

All riders will marshal at the appointed area (see Event Centre) and schedule below). All riders will ride over the timing map and complete the “start lap” (about 1.2KM) before heading over the timing mat again and then down to the single track to commence the 22KM loop.

Start Times

13KM   (All start together)                                                      Group 4         7.45am
66KM   (Self seed into groups)                                               Group 1         9.10am
44KM      (Self seed into groups)                                             Group 2        9.30am
 22KM      (Self seed into groups                                             Group 3        9.50am


7.35am 13KM riders marshal at Event Centre
7.45am 13KM riders start race
 9.00am All 13KM riders have finished and are off the course
 9.05am 66KM riders marshal and self seed into groups. All rider briefing
 9.10am 66KM riders start
 9.25 44KM riders marshal and self seed into groups. 44KM rider briefing
 9.30am 44KM riders start
9.45am 22KM riders marshal and self seed into groups. Rider briefing
9.50am 22KM riders start