Congratulations to the following prize winners for 2014

8-12 Years Junior Podium

  1. Harry Williams
  2. Braeden Simmons
  3. Taleisha Simmons

4-8 Years Sub-Junior Podium

  1. Luke Wardlaw
  2. Cody Clayton
  3. Mitch King

Radical Light Special Edition ‘Willo’ Podda

Maizy Evans is now the proud owner of a Radical Light Podda, RRP $950, after she was drawn out of more than 100 tickets sold in the raffle.

Last Rider In

In recognition of the determined effort of our final finisher for the day, David Lang (75km Open Male in a time of 5:33:15) was presented with a JetBlack Fluid Trainer. We hope this has helped David with his recovery!!

Oldest and Youngest Riders

A special mention must go to Andrew McIntosh (13km U13 Male in a time of 50:48) who was our youngest rider of the day and the very spritely 76 year old Barry Whitton (50km Super Masters Male in a time of 3:24:21) who was our oldest rider. They both received a hardcover edition of ‘A Compilation of the Works of James Williamson | Editor of Enduro Magazine | Racer | World Champion | Friend’ which we are sure they both will treasure.