Regos re-opened for May 13th 2012

In anticipation of the fact that not all riders can make the new race date (May 13th) for 2012, registration is now open once more for all categories.  Register on line at

If you have any friends who missed out, tell them to get in NOW. Regular posts will be published on the website regarding how many entries are still available and when entries will then close again.


If any rider is unable to make the new date (May 13th)  the following are possible:

  • Refund (We refund race fee (minus 10% handling fee) and day licence (if you took one out)
  • Transfer your entry to a friend (this way you don’t lose any money). However in this case, if you originally took out a Day Licence, this gets refunded to you, and your friend still has to take out a Day Licence (if they are not MTBA current).
  • Hold your race fee over to 2013

If you would like to take any of the above, let us know via the enquiry facility on the website here. For all other riders, you don’t have to do anything. You are still registered and will receive regular updates regarding the Race.