Riding at Wingello, leading up to Race Day

Riding at Wingello while areas are being logged
Forest NSW is logging some of the areas adjacent to the Red Trail so these areas are closed. Forest NSW is allowing the James Williamson Enduro Challenge to ride these areas on the weekend of the race. However, a small section of the fire roads (including the KOM) are not accessible till race weekend).
You can still ride most of the trail. We rode it two days ago – see attached a map showing where you can ride to avoid the closed areas.

There are two options
1. Follow fire roads along Gulp Rd to the start of the Great Wall Single Track, and from this point, the track is all open
2. This is the second option (and what we did 2 days ago). From the Forest Camp, we rode the normal Red Trail route, turning left into the new single track running adjacent to Wildfire Gulley. At the end of the Single track, we joined the fire road, climbed up that climb (all normal Red Trail) but at the top, turn right and follow the fire road east and then south east to join up with Gulp Rd. there are signs along here showing you the way, indicating the Red Trail. Once onto Gulp Rd, you just follow the signs until you join up with the Great Wall single track.