Win Radical Lights' Special Edition 'Willo' lights

You can buy raffle tickets on the day to go in the draw to win Radical Lights’ flagship Podda model in Red and with commemorative engraving on the rear of the lights. This is the special “Willo” edition. Raffle tickets will be $10 each.
Also, until the end of  March, Radical Lights will offer 10% off the “Willo” special edition lights and donate another $25 to the fund for every light we sell during this period.
Radical Lights Special Edition

About these lights

The Podda is the flagship of the radical-lights range of lights. It includes a carbon helmet mount kit to enable it to be run on the helmet if required.
The beams are smooth and even, without any artifacts away from the main focus. The intermediate beam is a soft, beautiful beam with a less defined main focus, creating a smooth beam gradient from the center to the edge. The smooth even beams mean that when you need to look away from the main focus area, and back again, your eyes do not tire easily, giving a relaxed more enjoyable ride. This is also shown in our consistently fast lap times. 2011 Mont24 hour had the radical-lights podda on all 5 of the top fastest night laps!
Our lights are also upgradeable and available with numerous custom options.
Special “Willo” edition has commemorative engraving on the rear of the lights.