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Willo Junior Camp 2018 Wrap up (PDF)

The 2018 Camp will be held 2nd 3rd 4th November 2018. All information Junior Camp Description and Requirements. Application form.

The annual Junior Development Camp aims to give around thirty junior riders the opportunity to learn from some of Australia’s highest level mountain bike riders who also were James’ friends and peers. James was very clear in his intention to ride as well and as hard as he could, but to keep a balanced perspective on this. He knew that it was also important to develop other sides of his life, and to never take himself too seriously (even though he was a World Champion).

This is the inspiration for the Junior Development Camp. Through a program of skill sessions, rides and discussion, the group will gain experience with all aspects of riding and mechanical know how. As well, they will gain a broader understanding of the challenges of training, over-training, motivation and competition. This will help these junior riders sustain a balanced approach to their sport, while remembering always that the main aim of mountain biking is to enjoy themselves!

Application for the Camp open each year at the end of July. Information about applying for the Camp is posted at this time on this website.

The Camp is held each year at Jindabyne in the first or second weekend in November.

James Williamson Enduro Fund

The James Williamson Enduro Fund is the financial arm supporting the annual race (Willo Enduro) and the annual junior development camp.

James Williamson Enduro Challenge (Willo Enduro)

The annual ride (held each year in March, at Wingello in the Southern Highlands)  allows 600 riders the chance to do what James did so well – riding his mountain bike on single track through untamed areas, sometimes winning races but always enjoying his life to the fullest and in the company of his friends.