2016 Camp Report


The sixth James Williamson Junior Development Camp saw twenty nine juniors from New South Wales, the ACT, Tasmania and Queensland attend a weekend camp devoted to all aspects of cross country mountain biking.  Coaches Dylan Cooper, Eliza Kwan, Mark Tupalski and Claire Whiteman took the juniors through a wide range of skill development, racing techniques, stretching exercises and much more. The selection process for the Willo Camp chooses twenty-five to thirty juniors between the ages of 13 and 16, who show a strong enthusiasm for the sport as well as club racing experience.  The Camp allows for repeat attendances and this produce a special environment of friendships and camaraderie – particularly important for the juniors  from regional areas.The collaborative spirit supports mentoring between the older and younger juniors, a quality that the coaches feel produces a  particularly successful learning environment.

The Willo Camp is financed from the proceeds of the Willo Enduro Challenge mountain bike race held at Wingello Forest each year, organised by the Southern Highlands Cycling Club and the James Williamson Enduro Fund with help from CORC. The Willo Camp is stamping its mark on Junior Development, with many of the camp participants competing at National level competition. This is a positive contribution to the future of mountain biking, and just as importantly, continues the strong legacy of Willo.



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Below Willo Camp 2015

Willo Camp 2015