Categories and Entry Fees 2020

The rider’s age is determined by age on December 31st 2020

Event update on 30 January 2020:

The bushfires have hit the trails at Wingello State Forest extremely badly and will not be able to be fixed until the race date on 1 March.
The new venue was confirmed at Sparrow Hill in Canberra.
We are in the course of confirming the track length and will update the category distances asap.
For the preliminary track map at Sparrow Hill, please visit the “COURSE MAP” section.

Regular updates will be posted here. Thank you for your understanding.


66km – 3 laps
Adult: $110
Junior: $95

Male & Female

  • Elite (19+)
  • Expert (19-29)
  • Veteran (30-39)
  • Master (40-49)
  • Super Master (50-59)
  • Grand Master (60+)
  • Junior (U19) (Must be able to complete 3 laps in four hours)

44km – 2 laps
Adult $85
Junior $75

Male & Female

  • Open (19+)
  • Veteran (30-39)
  • Master (40-49)
  • Super Master (50-59)
  • Grand Master (60+)
  • Junior U19
  • Junior U17

22km – 1 lap
Adult $60
Junior $45

Male & Female

  • Open
  • Master (40+)
  • Junior U19
  • Junior U17
  • Junior U15

13km – $40

Male & Female

  • U15
  • U13

The 13KM junior course for the Willo is made up with two laps. We have adults riding with the young riders to keep an eye on them, so if any of them are struggling or if it looks like they will not complete the full two laps, they can pull out out one lap if they are not able to complete the course in an hour


Male (66KM category only)

Female (66KM category only)

Riders are awarded 5 points for coming first up the KOM, 4 points for coming second and 3 points for third up the KOM.

KOM cash prize awarded to the the male and female riders who have each earned the  most points after 3 laps.


E-bike categories are offered in the 22 and 44km Adult categories. E-bike racers will start approximately 10 minutes after their wave. Those categories are ranked completely separately from the non-e ones.

Singlespeed bikes

Singlespeed categories are offered in the 44 and 66km Adult categories. Singlespeed riders will be in a separate category. 


3 – 11 year olds race at the Event Centre on a small section of single track at the back of Registration. There are two categories for this race.

  • At 10.30am the 4, 5, 6 year olds will race.
  • At 11am, the 7, 8, 9, 10 year olds will race.

These age demarcations are flexible. This activity is designed to let all the younger kids have a go, whilst recognizing that their riding ability varies a lot. Talk to the volunteers at registration to help you decide which level your child can ride/race at. This is meant to be a fun activity not a real “race”! All sub juniors and juniors must register for this race between 9.30 – 10.00am at Registration. All riders in these two events get a race plate.