Your Comments & Feedback

Here is where you get to tell us what you think. We will publish your pre and post-race thoughts here.

We are keen to hear how you feel about riding the James Williamson Enduro Challenge.  For some of you the race will be a time to reflect on your relationship with James, the inspiration he gave to you and the fun times that were shared.  For others it will be a race to commemorate the life of a mountain bike legend! Contact us.  We would love to hear from you.

Pre-Race Comments

Paula – Thanks for the invite to share thoughts approaching the weekend.

Gosh it was fun working with Willo at Mal-Adjusted.  He always made us laugh by doing things like hiding under a bike box and scuttling round on the floor (all you could see was a moving bike box), usually when you were trying to do a serious sales pitch with a customer. I remember once he started giggling, totally unprovoked, and announced to me he’d just made up a joke in his head. “Why aren’t parrots allowed in the pharamacy?”, “because the paracetomol/parrots-eat-em-all”. Isn’t that hilarious? I admit, my sense of humour is just as lame!

This time last year Jarrad and I were living in Alice Springs and really looking forward to having Jimi, Niki and Shaun up.  After the horrible news, we went for a night ride on the best trails around Alice and stopped on a hill with a great view of the lights of town.  I’d brought some candles, and a pen and paper and we both wrote to you, lit the candles and sat there in silence. Riding away, you could see candles burning for ages (safe in the jars, didn’t want to start a bushfire!). It was an eerie and stunning night, there were flashes of lightning in all directions and they kept lighting up the MacDonnell ranges.

I miss you Willo, you’re never far from our collective Canberran thoughts. You’re an inspiration and making me live a better life.

Thanks Niki, Meg and John for organising this weekend and for everything. I am thinking of you and I hope that this weekend is everything and more that you hoped for.

Meaghan – Thanks for your support!  James was really keen to support our girls once he met them through Mark Fenner (he put photos of them in the mag and was really encouraging of them when we met him at the Scott24).  And although we didn’t know him well, we really liked him and thought he was a great power for good in the mountain biking community, especially when it comes to supporting women and kids.  We didn’t hesitate to get involved in his signature race, as it is a great way of supporting all that James stood for.  I’m sure it will be a big success.  Thanks for organising it.

Richard – thanks guys – really looking forward to a great celebration of a great life

Kath – There’s a lot of energy to go around, so I’m glad there’s lots coming your way too.  One of the things I’ve enjoyed from doing extra work at the mag is feeling the lift that James would have gotten when someone sends through an email full of enthusiasm and ideas, or a story that really hits the mark.  One of the good things about bloody missing him I guess, just appreciating some things more.

Post-Race Comments

Paula – been meaning to send my feedback for the last two weeks and just wanted to say thank you to everyone involved for organising such an amazing race in Jimi’s name.  Jarrad and I plus many people we spoke to agreed it was the best organised race we’ve ever done. The track was sublime and the attention to detail in making it a high quality event was second to none.  Thanks again to everyone involved.

Scott – Thanks for the brilliantly run event. Great track. The day was awesome.  See you next year.

Wayne – As being a relatively newcomer to the MTB family, I would just like to thank you for a wonderful day on Sunday 13th March. The previous Tuesday myself & another friend rode Wingello to see what challenges we would be in for, for the days ahead & we were not let down. Trails that left us with a grin from ear to ear & Sunday could not come quick enough. The volunteers so cheerful & full of enthusiasm, the whole day seemed so relaxed compared to other races I have entered. It dawned on me that during the race & more so after the race what the whole day was about, it wasn’t just another event to remember someone.   Willo in his short time seemed to have touched the hearts of so many people & the day seemed like a massive celebration & a great family atmosphere in which I will be bringing my 6 year next year. Upon leaving I felt embraced by the days event as well as buggered thanks to those bloody climbs, anyway thanks heaps for a great event & bring on next year. YEE HAH.

Anne – A wonderful day and a reminder of what is important in racing. I loved the simplicity, the tributes and the focus on fun and our love of riding. Many thanks to the organisers and all the riders – particularly dear friends who helped sing those cramps away. Loved the women’s start – entirely civilized and a rare opportunity for a chat.

Mike – Just wanted to say what a fabulous event you ran on the weekend.  Smooth organization, great trail, top riders,  and all for a great cause.

The only criticism I would have was not giving prizes to place getters for Masters.  It was just a bit embarrassing going up to the podium and walking away empty handed.  With all the free stuff being given away it would not have taken much to give something to those riders and acknowledge their effort, especially when Masters give so much back to the sport.  Anyway no big deal, just thought it was worth raising with you for next time and yes I did podium so slight self interest here 🙂

Once again well done, I really enjoyed the day and it felt great to know that James’ memory will live on to support young up and coming riders

Mike – Good on you Meg, I don’t know how you got through that speech you gave, I would have been a blubbering mess.  Will come up and say hi next time I see you

Rachel – The track was awesome! Thanks for a fun event with a great vibe.

The only thing that I felt could be improved is the MC – he ignored a lot of the riders finishing or coming in to start their 2nd or 3rd laps. When no one in the crowd cheers for you, it’s nice if the announcer does – especially when he has acknowledged a rider that just crossed the line ahead of you and given them some free stuff. That’s pretty disheartening.

Otherwise, thanks for an extremely well organised event! And for the free drink bottle – made in Australia, recyclable and BPA-free = WINNER!!

Phoebe – Awesome event and awesome location. The whole event was very well run, the volunteers did a fantastic job, there were smiling faces all over the place. The staggered start, with the girls having our own start just after the guys, worked really well. I also liked the 25k loop style, which gives more flexibility for ride length. Cheers and can’t wait till next year!

Henry – A big THANK YOU to the Southern Highlands Cycling Club and Canberra Off-Road Cyclists for organising an excellent event. Their time and effort has to be acknowledged.

What a great way to celebrate James’ life and achievements. The course was brilliant. I had no problems riding the super single track twice. I had flashbacks from riding in Rotorua, NZ. Tacky, flowing and challenging.

It was also enjoyable seeing a few familiar faces that had fallen off the radar. Good on you guys and I look forward in riding the course next year, if not before

Brett & Kris – We just wanted to say thanks for such a fabulous event.  Congratulations and well done.I’m sure James would be so proud of what you guys achieved.  Thanks to all involved, we had a blast.

Tony – As James would have liked it.
Knowing James, as many have said, he was always with a smile on his face & happy to offer support & advice.  This event confirmed in my mind why I do these hard crazy events, to be with like minded people, make new friends, catch up with old ones, learn new stuff & above all have fun while doing it.

This event was well organised, had that fun atmosphere about it, tough racing & gave us time to reflect, while sweeping around the flowing single track, how James touched us all. Definitely doing it all again. Thanks to all

Fiona – I just wanted to pass on my congratulations for an exceptional event on Sunday – the organisation was tops, the track had me grinning repeatedly, and there was such a happy vibe out there on track. It was a fantastic tribute to James and I know his presence was felt by all. I may have been grumbling at James for the pain I felt on the climbs but the overriding feeling was that I am thankful to him for inspiring me to get back out on my bike and take on the challenge of the race.

I will be thinking of you all while you are in South Africa, which will no doubt be a poignant but hopefully also a joyful time. We look forward to hearing how Niki, Shaun and everyone else is going.

Grant – At 39 years old, 6 foot 4 and nearly 120kg, this was my first ever Mountain Bike Ride/Race…  With very limited knowledge I stupidly entered in the 75km, and then had the misfortune of a back injury and a virus that had limited any prep for the last 4-5 weeks.

Half way thru the second lap the body was giving me some clear indication that 75km would not be possible, cramps in the thighs, no juice in the tank and a savage case of ‘I am a big blouse’, BUT, I just had to suck it up and complete the second lap. While I was suffering in my own little world of pain, comments of encouragement from other competitors out on the track was enough to keep me going and just get back to the finish line.

So, my first ever race and I have a big DNF next to my name, but a couple of days later, I am looking forward to doing more events, and getting involved with a great sport and group of people.

Thank James Williamson, a bloke I never met… If it wasn’t for you, I might not have given this sport a go.

Nick – To all that helped organise: Just wanted to send a quick note to say how fantastic the event organisation was. From rego being so smooth, to the food on offer, well marked track, and thoughtful arrangement for parking, it was a pleasure to be a part of.  I really couldn’t find a fault with anything about the event, which cannot be said for other events I have raced over the past couple of years.  Well done and thanks

Luke – Great track! Pity about the heat – really drained a few people. Did anyone pickup a cateye cycling computer. I could not find the lost property box.

Phaedra – This was my first ever mountain bike race and I was extremely nervous when my friend and I pulled up and saw how professional everyone looked and the quality of riding gear. I felt very inadequate.  However as the morning progressed I was surprised at how nice everyone in the riding community was. Throughout the track, when passing or, more regularly, being passed, I was blown away by how polite and friendly everyone was.

I was very impressed with the state of the course and with how smoothly everything ran on the day, with all of the timings being kept too. I must say, this was a fantastic experience that I am both proud and happy to have been a part of.

I never knew James but judging by the quality of people at the event and the words said about him, I know I would have liked him and that he was a top guy. Well done to everyone involved in the day and thank you for a fantastic first time experience. 😉

Andy – First and foremost I wanted to say thanks to everyone who put on what was a great day, the event was so well run, organised and put togethor that it was hard not to have a good time. I never got the chance to meet James, having only started racing 6 months ago and only been living in Australia for just over 4 years ago.  However what I can say is that it was evident how much thought and passion had gone into the event and that came through in everything that was done with the weekend.

Only areas of improvement I guess from my point of view, maybe have an elite catorgory for the likes of Craig Gordon etc, apart from that I think the event was pretty spot on and I loved the fact that 75km competitors could have their own private transition from the boots of their cars, that was a fantastic idea.  Once again, Thanks

Fiona – 1 – thank you for a well organised event.
2 – thank you for the oppurtunity to participate so we could all commemorate what James stood for – sportsmanship and fun.
3 – thank you for being the humanity behind why I participate in MTB events
4 – James tho I did not know him well, was the best ambassador for the sport, happy, playfull, cheerfull, welcoming and willing to go that extra mile to promote the sport, he gave you the feeling that you too could do it, a rare personality with a rare talent – thank you for keeping the legend alive

Zerofive Team – Willo would be proud. One of the most professional events that we have been to, not only for MTBiking. Everything from the camp site to parking was spot on. The trail awesome, the weather perfect, somebody was watching. We’ll be back, thanks from the team at Zerofive

Catherine – Thanks for passing the comments on and congratulations on the very successful inaugural JWEC. It was a pleasure to be involved yesterday as (it has already been said) there was such great planning in place – you thought of everything – and because it was just a wonderful event to be a part of.

Thanks to everyone for the huge efforts involved. Cant wait for the James Williamson Enduro Challenge 2012!

Kelly – Hats off to all who were involved in the lead up to and the actual event. Not only was it smoothly organised but the vibe was great. Excellent mix of competitiveness and remembrance. Well done.

I understandnd the work that would have gone into organising this event as i organise events myself and know that when you are exhausted you get emotional and that would have been heightened due to the fact that most of you involved were probably close to Willo.

I had only met Willo the once. At a 6 hr / 6hr race at Dargle where the 12hrs over night competitors got to rest / sleep or in the case of our few teams…. throw a big 80’s dress up party and drink your chosen beverage. I remember Willo and another buddy of his have a great old dance and laugh with us wearing horrid 80’s dresses and crimped hair and although he didn’t drink, he stayed up late and had a great time laughing at and with others.  I was super impressed that this lovely sponsored rider remembered me  and my name the next day and cheered me on.  What a dude!

The note by Paula that got read out at presentation was lovely and added a great touch to the day.  I also think that it was great that you were giving out as prizes entries into next years event! and had a swag of prizes.

all in all….. enjoy the next few months and the glowing reports and emails that will come into your in box over the next week.

Gary – I’d  just like to say thanks for putting on a great event!
I’ve spoken to lots of people who are thrilled to have been part of the First Willo Enduro, everything from camping down the road and all the other areas seemed to to
have just worked perfectly!

We’ll definitely be back next year! Well done to all! Many Thanks

Andrew – What a great way to spend a Sunday.  Jarrod has asked me to thank you very much for entering him into the James Williamson Enduro Race on such short notice.  He had such a great time and a great experience  in his first ever race he came 5th which he was stoked about considering they were some good riders in it  . He is now hooked even more on the sport which I am so happy about.

I also want to congratulate you and all of the organizers and everyone involved on a job well done. it was fantastic with so much going on and the way it was handled throughout the day with the food and water  the displaying of the times and the people on the microphone keeping people informed about everything that was going on it was very well done . It is a credit to you all.  We will be there next year for sure.  Thank You again

David – I would like to leave the following feedback in regards to Sunday’s race event of 13 March 2011.

This event was a pleasure to be part of. It highlighted the dedication and expertise of the organisers. I competed in the 75km male masters and thought that the circuit was magic. The right amount of varying terrain types and difficultly. The amount of riders was also spot on with very little overcrowding.  I can say that in the perfect conditions of the day that it made for one hell of a great ride.

The after-ride presentations were fun and entertaining.  This tribute to James brought a sense of common bonding between the riders – it was a special event to be part of.  Congratulations and I will be spreading the word for next year!

Nik – Had a great time today at the race, it was a lot of fun.  It was well run, looked well organised. I will be back for the 2nd event next year.  Can you pass on my thanks to all team members

Louise – Thanks to all the organisers for such a fantastic event. It was extremely well organised – great venue – supported so well by Southern Highlands club with all the food etc – it all created such a great atmosphere.  We will be putting it on our annual calendar and telling everyone we know.  Once again great job.

Simon – Well, I had a blast! The tracks were in perfect form (thanks trail fairies), the sun was shining, the rego queue was short, the sausage sangers were tasty, the camaraderie was generous and abundant, and the track manners were impeccable all round. Who could ask for more?  Could even have made a fourth lap I reckon.

Maybe Jimi’s spirit was with us today.  Thanks to everyone involved in the organisation of a great day.

Gordon – Great event, well organised and run, really enjoyed the course. Will definitely return next year.

Dave – Well done guys. Really well organised, great course, great cause. And I’ll be back next year.

David – Thanks for putting on a great event.  From my point of view as a participant, it all ran smoothly and is a credit to the efforts of the volunteers involved.

Damo – Hi team,  Just wanted to say many thanks for organising such a great event for us to enjoy.  I didn’t know James in person, but I greatly enjoyed his writing in Enduro mag.

This event was my first MTB enduro event ever. I chose it over Capital Punishment because I wanted to be part of a ride that celebrated James & everything he did for MTB riding. The fact that this event gives so much back to MTB rider development was also a major consideration for me. It was also fantastic to see such a focus on the kids. My kids are 5 & 7 and I hope to bring them with me next year.

Don’t change the trail too much for next year – I’m feeling my 50kms in all the right places 🙂  See you next year.

Adam – Just have to say guys that today was awesome. A fantastic track, a great crowd and best of all well organised and flowing. Congratulations to all your support staff and sponsors.
A fantastic way to remember Willo and a credit to all involved.  Cant wait till next year.  Many thanks.

Rick – Just providing my feedback to go in with a chance to win the Radical-Light system. Uni takes all my money so I can’t usually afford things like this.

I rode in th 50km race and this was my second mtb race.  I thought the organisation was very good, TV screens for live results was good for spectators and the general set-up and efficiency through rego and parking was amazing (especially adequate parking allocated for each category). The track was amazing as usual for Wingello. I knew of James Williamson but never met or raced against him but I think the foundation set up in his honour is a brilliant idea for supporting juniors and cycling in general and a great tribute to “Willo”.

The most important improvement for the event in my opinion is the length of the start line. It is all right for regular top racers who get allocated to the first line but for everyone else the line was too short. Unfortunately I got pushed back to about the 8th row at the start and 60th position by the first corner. Having single track so early in the course with limited overtaking opportunities before the single track made it very hard to catch up (and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one with this issue). To overcome this problem the starting line could be behind the canteen across the full width of the landing strip facing south and give the riders a short sprint before turning north and back on the dirt track. This early sprint off a wide line will give the riders equal chance off the line and allow them to hopefully get in a rough order for the rest of the race. Another solution would be to have a fire-trail climb somewhere near the start to allow for overtaking and allow the field to spread out before the single track but it maybe hard to fit into the course.

Another improvement could be to start the 50k before the 75k women to allow for fairer racing for both fields. The women would not have to pull over as often and the men would not have to wait for them to pull over.

I think the race categories could be improved. It was good to have so many junior categories but I thought the allocation of categories could be better to allow for more riders and competition in each category such as an under 23 category and then an under 18 category instead of U19 (which had 6 in the 50k event and 2 in the 25k event) and U17 which would have boosted the numbers in both categories.

And finally a note from the supporters, they would have liked the finish further down the straight so they could see riders coming into the finish from further away. Maybe the cars could be parked on either side of the event centre with the event centre and start and finish moved down between all the cars.

Thanks to all the organisers for a smooth, well run and enjoyable day and see you all at the race next year.

Stuart & Jack – Thank you to Meg and the team for organising such a great event today. The atmosphere was buzzing, the range of sponsors was just right and everything appeared to go like clockwork.

Today was the first event that my son Jack and his mate Nick have ever taken part in and they had a ball too.  The worst thing about the day was standing on the side watching – no pulling out next year for injuries or anything!

I hope the day exceeded your expectations – well done.

Greg – Event team,  Today’s event was outstanding. Directions to the event couldn’t have been clearer, event centre well laid out, track was one of the best I have ever ridden, track markings were the best of any event I have attended, entry fee spot on and last but not least the volunteers and SES were amazing and great to chat to.

The mountain bike community tips it’s hat to you all. I hope that some of the larger event organizers were there to take note of how it should be done.

I will be sure to enter as soon as I can next year as I have no doubt the word will spread about how good the day was and people will be lining up to attend.

Dan – Awesome event yesterday – so many people had so many great things to say about the running, the course and most importantly the vibe. I think for me the most impressive thing was the strength and passion you guys showed – hiding away from grief is much easier than being ‘amongst it’.


Michael – I just wanted to offer my congratulations and thanks to all those that organised and helped out on the day.  Right from the start the organisation and planning seemed to pay off with good signage and helpful volunteers directing cars on arrival.

The atmosphere around the event hub and on the trail was the best that I have experienced. I certainly felt that I was participating in something more than just ‘another enduro’ event, and felt a similar sense of well-being from the other riders I chatted to on the trail.

All in all it was a great day, you can be very proud of what you have achieved and I am glad to have been a part of it.  I have no doubt that all the funds that were raised will be put towards supporting young riders and give them the opportunity to try and become as good as James.  Again, congratulations and thanks. I hope to take part again next year.

Geoff – Excellent event. I have done 3 MTB events so far and this one was the best so far. It was all the little things that made a big difference.  The Event centre set up and parking was perfect as we could come past the cars to get supplies. You had you own little pit stop space. Also it is great for friends and family to come along.

The music playing as we came through the event centre got some tunes in your mind and took the pain away of the next lap.  Hearing my name as I crossed the line made you feel like a some one and not just one of the slow people down the back that gets forgotten about.

All the marshals and volunteers were very chatty and encouraging, especially the KOM guys.  The course itself was a great ride.  The goody bags were great, everyone loves free stuff.

The only part that I think needs a rethink is traffic flow into the 1st single tracks. There were too many stops on the 1st lap due to the A and B line as no one was taking the B line.  There was a line up on the A line.

I would also recommend the ‘Wall’ needs to be in the race for KOM, maybe you can provide an option where you can go the quicker steeper hill way or the longer easier way, but can only win KOM going via the wall. I think this would set the field apart.

It was a great day out and I hope to be back next year.

Christine – Thanks for a great day out Mt bike riding.  The event was organised exceptionally well.  The track was good and all the riders were very patient and encouraging on the track. Although I never met James I feel the spirit of the day was in true James spirit, get out on the tracks, have a good ride and have no aggro.

Adam – Firstly , thank you to all. I didn’t manage to finish the 75km but slogged my guts out for the 50km! I would hope Willo would have been content with that.
As far as feedback goes, I thought it was a well run event. Everything seemed to work well from a competitors view. Such a friendly atmosphere made it really easy to strike up a chat with anyone. This made for a day that will be hard to match.

The course was a cracker! I had heard it was a flat area, but you guys managed to tilt the earths axis on a few occasions! 🙂  Thanks for the ride, an awesome and unforgettable experience.

Simon – Why do you have to wait around so long for race presentation? It does really annoy many people as they are tired and just want to go home, eat, rest and sleep. Having to wait around for 2 to 3 hours seems unnecessary. This happens at most races. There are more people hanging around earlier than later. Can you change it? BTW the race was awesome and the event was fantastic. I will be back next year.

James – Thanks for a great day in the forest, winding single track, screaming descents & killer climbs its Monday & I am still sore.  Think I was the last to finish 75k but I had a blast.

Allan – I just wanted to say thank you so much for putting on a fantastic event. I really enjoyed the course, the marking was great, plenty of facilities, and a great camp site for the night before.

It really was a top notch event and a very fitting tribute to the amazing person Jimi. I am already looking forward to coming back to race again next year.

Josh – Great event.  Disappointed in my result but that’s nothing to do with you. Friendly volunteers, good signposting, and a great course.

Aaron – Well done to all of you involved, from a competitors perspective the day seemed to run very smoothly and honestly it was also one of the most well run and catered events I’ve been to. Bring on next year!

Greg – Loved the event, excellent course, good format, great organisation.
Format for this time of year is perfect, variable distances allow people to choose what suits them best for their stage of fitness.

Did Willo proud!

Phil – Yesterday was such a great day and a fitting way to celebrate Jimi. Although I pulled the pin after 2 laps because of my broken shoulder I didn’t let that stop me from having a good time. Yesterday’s event was one of the best MTB events I’ve ever been to. The attention to detail was first class, the little things that make the regular events miss the mark on were not over looked yesterday. Everyone went to great lengths to make it an enjoyable day.

Whoever’s brilliant idea it was to allow us to park our cars along side the track needs a case of beer or two. I have a couple of suggestions to make for next years event even better than this years.

1. More shade areas – it was difficult to find a shady spot during the presentations.

2. Team event? x3 riders sprinting hot laps one after the other would also be a fun addition to the format.

See you next year.    Ride in Peace Willo.

Matt – Firstly let me send a big thanks to all of you for a great weekend! As someone who works in the sports events industry I can say that for a first time event, it was incredibly professional and organised. The level of organisation is unparalled for a new event and something that many long running events can aspire to.

As an average MTBer, I never knew James personally. I have no doubt that he has passed me on many occasions on the trails, but I did feel like I was able to know him in some small way through his work in Enduro and the fantastic words that James’ friends and family had over the course of yesterday. The level of detail that you put together in the printed info (both prior to and at the event) was a great testament to your organisational skill and James as a person as well. It was true honour to ride in a race that recognised such a great human being and I look forward to doing it again next year.

I did hear one of the on-course commentators mention that you were hoping to make it bigger and better next year. I for one loved the slightly smaller and intimate atmosphere of yesterday. It was incredibly relaxed and I would hate to see the atmosphere lost through a large increase in numbers. With all riders using the same course, laps 1 and 2 of my 75km were quite crowded (at one point on lap 2 I counted 16 people in a train) and tough to pass. The single track was amazing and even with so many on the course it was enjoyable, but with more participants that may not be the case. Perhaps,if you are looking to increase numbers, the 25 & 50 could use a different course to the 75? I think there would be enough trails at Wingello?

Just a thought. Otherwise, once again thank you for an amazing event. I will be back next year for sure!

Matt – Thank you for such a well organised event. The atmosphere and everyones chilled out attitude on the track made for a very enjoyable ride.Well done and “Ride On, Willo”.

P.S. Thanks for leaving out The Wall

James – What a great track. To me that track is what mountain bike riding is all about…hope its on in the same spot next year! Well done.

Tim – I participated in the JW Enduro on Sunday.  I entered to honor the memory of James. I had a shocker on the bike but had nothing but positive feelings for the event. I think that the Foundation is a fabulous idea, ie, raising money to support young riders. But more importantly the day was a reminder that we all love to be outside on our bikes enjoying space and time, and that that experience can be cut short without warning. So I rode to enjoy riding and to remember a fine member of the cycling community.

On a practical side I certainly enjoyed a well organised event.  Parking was perfect – ie beside the track to allow easy refueling, the trail was fun, and the spirit of the event was on the track.  Thank you for an excellent event.  Blue Skies

Robert – This was my first MTB race, and although I pulled out prematurely (wasn’t aware I could ride till after 2pm!!) I found it to be a really well organised event, from the website info through to the cupcakes, the trails were in superb condition and an all round good atmosphere all day. I will be back (after a bit more training) next year for sure!

Jarrod – I just want to thank everyone involved in the James Williamson Enduro Challenge. First of all, the volunteers. You guys did a great job helping people on and off the track. Secondly, I would like to mention how beautiful the tracks are looking. Well done to the guys who maintain them. Lastly you should know how generous the sponsors are for the event. they made it fun and more interesting for everyone.

Well I hope you guys had a fun time, because I certainly did. Thanks a lot. See you next year and the year after and after that too!

Here are some others:

…well done, and thanks to all the volunteers

… thanks for putting on a great day. Today was my first cycle race in over 20 years, and while stairs and I aren’t getting along this afternoon I had a great day

…. awesome well run event

….well done to all involved…..

… great day, a wonderful tribute

… A great event. A nice loop. Different enough to the 3 Ring that I’ll do that as well. My half worn SB8 rear tyre gripped exceptionally well today so I was pretty happy. The trail condition was awesome.

… Great event, big thumbs up to the event organisers, marshals and volunteers. A good job all round. I will be back next year. I really liked the course, but the 1st lap was frustrating coming to complete stops on the single track, on multiple occasions. Maybe some thought needs to go into some traffic flow for next year. Maybe there should be A, B & C lines

… Another thing I liked about the event was it brought back the good old days of decent entrant goody bags. A t-shirt, bottle and energy chews, along with the other bits and pieces was really cool.

… Overall a great event, well organised with good booty on an awesome track.

Red face

… It was good. No, excellent.

… Such a great race, and an awesome atmosphere. No agro out on the track at all, every one was up for a chat and smiling from ear to ear. Those trails… wow! From what I was told by a local rider, the trails were very sandy leading up to the weekend but that overnight shower sorted that out for us.

My highlight was getting passed on the 2nd lap by the 75km leaders, Dylan Cooper and Gordo, they were smashing it!! I tried to stick on their wheel, that lasted 3 meters.

That first bit of singletrack was a hoot. Yes there were some beginners out there, but that is always going to happen. Don’t get angry at them, we were all there once. Just be patient and stay well back and offer them some support next time you get stuck behind them, it will stoke them out to hear it.

Hope everyone has pulled up okay from the race. The beer tasted good last night 

Good luck this weekend and enjoy the event. It’s a great way to remember
a nice guy and talented athlete. Am sure it will be fantasti